Language learning made simple by just watching movies

Movies have subtitles with translation and explaination. You don't need to constantly jump to dictionary or google translate.

Sitcom 1 by Habla con EÑE
from English to Spanish
from English to Spanish
from English to Spanish
La Valla / The Barrier
from English to Spanish
In near future:
  • Friends (spanish)
  • Extr@ (German, French)
  • La casa de papel
  • ...
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Frequently asked questions

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  • How does the website create subtitles?

    It's done in semi-automatic mode. Majority of work is done by GPT-4, and I manually review and correct text. Sometimes I change prompt for specific series, but usually it's the same and quite expensive to play with.

  • Will this work?

    I believe yes. I have learned English only from watching Friends many years ago. For other languages I used more technics than just subtitles, but watching movies was always the most important part of learning.

  • How many languages are available on the platform?

    Currently, the majority of our content is designed for English speakers who are learning Spanish, as that is the language I am currently studying. However, since we are using GPT-4, it is easy to add content for other languages as well. I plan to start adding French and German soon.

  • How long does it take to learn a language?

    I believe if you watch something like Friends (10seasons * 20episodes * 20min about 70 hours) maybe a few times, it would be enough to have a simple conversation. The main point is to enjoy the process.

  • What other tools do you recommend?

    In addition to watching movies, I'd recommend: Anki to memorize words and phrases from subtitles.